Connect neighbors together.


Keep people feeling connected while they stay at home.  The Plan2Play mobile app can help neighbors connect together; whether its for picking up basic supplies for an older or quarantined neighbor or organizing a virtual or socially distanced coffee.

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Help Neighbors Stay Connected During Social-Distancing

Make it easy for neighbors to engage in activities with those who have mutual interests.  Until we are able to see each other in real life, Plan2Play helps people easily coordinate virtual activities or activities that practice social distancing. 

If people don't know who would be interested in their activity, the app will send invitations to other people it knows might like that particular activity, allowing people who don't even know each other yet to connect. 

Popular socially distanced use cases are:

  • Walking (Socially Distanced)
  • Coffee (Socially Distance or Virtual)
  • Community Service
  • Helping a neighbor in need

Schedule virtual or community activities.

Welcome new neighbors.

When new neighbors join your community, it's often takes time before they feel like they've been fully integrated. Plan2Play integrates new neighbors by sending out notifications to existing neighbors that a new neighbor has moved in!

Keep neighbors informed

Plan2Play is also a powerful communication, event sign-up, and attendance tracking tool.

  • Post your announcements for all members to see
  • Send push notifications to all members or specific groups
  • Members can sign up for open community events
  • Track attendance automatically when people arrive
  • Gamify the experience with points & rewards
  • Manage memebrs manually or by uploading CSV files
  • View engagement and activity interest data

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